Hire a Level 13 themed room for your next event!

Level 13 offers a range of very different rooms each with a special atmosphere designed and built by highly experienced film and TV designers. The venue is open as a wine bar for every day public use and the individual rooms can be booked for private occasions, or you can reserve all rooms at the same time for a large event.

We have costumes if you would like to extend your experience. We also have games available to play and murder mystery games to hire.

If you would like to hire the whole venue, please get in touch with us. The total capacity including staff is 95 people.

The Rocket Room

Seats 14 people

If you like science fiction and are a fan of films like Alien and Predator, then this is the party room for you. The room is themed to give the worn universe look made famous by those movies. The ceiling features a complicated grid work and wall details that hide lights which pulse and glow to enhance the atmosphere. At one end cryo tubes contain some of the more interesting specimens in our lords collection, but there is no need to fear as they are all kept under lock and key, and they rarely escape. This room can comfortably seat 14 people around a large table or the table can be broken up for seating that is more intimate.

The Ritz

Seats 12 people

Inspired by the glamour and glitz of the roaring 20’s, this room contains all the pop, bang and whiz of a bottle of champagne. Art Deco is the overriding influence of this room with its geometric patterns and use of black, gold and metallic sparkle. Other features include the ability to be combined with the Speakeasy room to double the space. The tables in each room can come together to make a larger one. For an even larger event, the space can be increased further by opening to the meeting room.

The Speakeasy

Seats 12 people

This room takes its look from the gangster run secret bars of the 20’s & 30’s during a period known as prohibition, when drinking alcoholic beverages was banned. The walls are decorated in a homage to this time and the events that happened. Other features include the ability to be combined with the Ritz party room to double the space. The tables can also be pushed together to make a larger one. In addition one side can move away to open the space further by including the meeting room.

221B Baker Street

Seats 12 people

Do you enjoy the writings of Conan Doyle and Jules Verne? Then this is the room that will enchant and delight you! This is a vision of a Victorian world powered by steam and held together by rivets. A time where anything could be made as long as it was made of cast iron, and being stylish meant a tall hat and a large bustle.

The Keep

Seats 12 people

In this room, we have tried to capture the moody atmosphere of the medieval dark ages that has been made very popular on screen, as in Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. In this period stone and rock was the only way to build, the best rooms had a throne in it, and this is the style of The Keep room. Other features include a raised platform for the throne so birthday boys and girls can look over their guests. The solid chairs and tables are arranged around a fire pit but can be placed anywhere in the room.

The Meeting Room

Seats 12 people

This room has eye-catching ceiling and lighting design. The theme for this room is industrial chic with a dazzling display of lights in a range of styles making it a fascinating venue and talking point.

This space is ideal for corporate events such as team building, where participants can break out to the other rooms to perform various activities. This space can be combined with The Ritz room and/or The Speakeasy room to form a space for larger events. The meeting area can also be used as the main bar area for the other rooms.

The tables can be configured into one large boardroom type or individual large tables. The Meeting Room has bluetooth compatible speakers, making information easy to give out.

Hire a Level 13 themed room for your next event!

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