Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

What is Level13?

Themed Function rooms licensed bar with food.

Do I have to dress up?


Can you hire the whole venue?


How much is it?

$750 locals rate $600

Can under 18s attend?

Yes until 8pm unless they are with a parent or court-appointed guardian then they can stay later.

Can I host a children's party?

Yes as long as the children are supervised at all times.

Where is it?

Eruera street Rotorua. Get directions.

What are the rooms?

The Speakeasy and the Ritz are 20’s themed rooms the Rocket Room is Scifi Themed, the Keep has a Fantasy/Medieval theme, and 221b room has a Victiorian/steam punkish flavour.

How much do they cost?

Monday Tues Wed  $100 locals rate $80 for the evening. Thurs Fri Sat Sunday $200 locals rate $160. During the day there is an hourly rate. See all pricing.

How many people do they hold?

Full capacity is 90 people including staff but each individual room also has varying capacities.

Where can I find info on events?

Check out our Facebook and Instagram for latest information

Can I use Level13 for fundraisers?


Do you sell soft drinks?

Yes full range of soft drinks available.

Can I bring my own food or alcohol?

No we don’t have that sort of license.

What kind of food do you have?

Bar menu always available, contact us for additional catering options.

Does level13 get too Hot or Too cold?

No Level13 has air con in all rooms to keep you either toasty or cool as necessary.

Is it Wheelchair friendly?


What other things happen at Level13?

Improv-comedy, poetry readings bands, musicians, Djs, board games, Role-playing games, presentations, lectures, work functions, murder mystery games all great for team building.

What is the venue capacity of Level13?

90 including staff rooms total rooms have varying capacities and some are re-configurable.

When are you open?

Themed rooms available to book any time check Facebook to stay up to date.

Murder Mystery FAQs

How murder mystery works?

For a staff led M/M:

There is a minimum number of 8 people

Before the event you will be sent out an outline of the story and a list of characters for you to assign to your guests. On the evening when the MM commences you will be handed a character envelope and then another envelope on each of the 3 rounds. Contained in the envelopes is information for your character to act upon or information to conceal or mislead other characters during the game one of your party will be murdered and they will continue to play on as ghost and try and solve the murders also

For an actor led M/M:

Before the event you will be sent an outline and a list of characters to assign to your guests. The actor will also be playing a role, the murder takes place at the start of the game and the actor will lead the story, answer questions and keep your guests engaged with the story as you each try and solve whodunit!

Can we get costume just prior to event?

Yes but need to come earlier than booking time as fitting can sometimes take time.

How much does it cost?

Example of per head costing for example group to demonstrate not as expensive as it sounds 15 people at the weekend for room murder mystery actor and costume $51.30pp 

$42pp mon -wed.

How much does costume cost?

$20 special plus $20 bond.

What happens if I damage costume?

Pay for repair or replace depending on damage.

What if team is all males and there are female character in the M/M?

It is still to be playable if your guests don’t mind.

What happens if I’m Murdered?

Is that the end of the game for me? No you continue to play as ghost as you will not know the identity of your killer and can continue to play the game with the rest of your party.

Quiz FAQs

How many in a team?

2-8 people, Before attending try and come up with an amusing name that describes your team. Book ahead to get a table reserved for your team.

How does it work?

Level13 pays for a quiz from Ripleys Believe it or Not, it’s a quizmaster led multimedia quiz using the screen and media for each of the rounds.

How long does it take?

2-3 hours with a short break in the middle.

Can I use Google if I don't know answers?

No we operate a trust based system and points are deducted if cheating occurs.

Can I have my own quiz with my friends or workmates?

Yes but not on our scheduled Thursday quiz night.